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Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

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Many cultures believe that hair holds power. Hair has been a symbol of youth, fertility, and beauty for millenia. Many communities braid hair to celebrate their heritage and protect their hair health. So, it’s no surprise that hair loss can be really upsetting for people.

Hair loss can feel shameful and isolating even though so many people go through it. That’s why The Longevity Lab Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic is passionate about providing hair loss support. We recommend Nutrafol in Denver as well as several other treatments to our hair loss patients.

The causes of hair loss are complex, but their solutions don’t have to be. Keep reading to learn more about this issue that affects so many people.

What Can Cause Hair Loss?

Nutrafol is the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair loss supplement brand. They are leading researchers in the field of hair loss. Their work was among the first to really identify the other factors that contribute to hair loss aside from medical conditions.

They’ve identified lifestyle, metabolism, aging, stress, nutrition, and hormones as the main factors that make up hair health. Nutrafol believes in addressing the root causes of hair loss rather than only going after the symptoms. The Longevity Lab feels the same way.

So, how are all these things affecting your hair? From lifestyle to medical conditions, here is how different factors can relate to your hair health:


The air you breathe, the water you drink, and the products you use can all include damaging toxins. Fighting these toxins will diminish antioxidants in your body resulting in a lessened ability to combat other harmful compounds.

Among other complications, this can cause your hair to be weak, brittle, and breaking. Unfortunately, it is challenging to make big changes to our lifestyles, but that is why Nutrafol supplements exist.

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Your metabolism is responsible for the intake of nutrients and the distribution of energy in your body. If you have a poor metabolism, your hair follicles might not receive enough nutrients or energy to efficiently grow hair.

Brittle and breaking hair can be a sign of a malfunctioning metabolism. Nutrafol supplements can provide needed nutrients to heal your metabolism.


As you age, your body slows and changes in many ways. The elastic and collagen on your scalp actually lessens as you get older. This results in a weaker scalp that struggles to hold onto your hair.

A weak scalp also keeps hair from growing as long. That’s why more mature individuals tend to have shorter, thinner hair. Supplements from Nutrafol can replace these diminishing natural stores.


It is well known that stress largely affects our health. Your hair is not an exception to this. The wear and tear of stress is a big part of why we offer Nutrafol in Denver. Any type of stress in the body, whether it be physical or emotional, raises your cortisol levels.

Cortisol signals your body that it needs to shift its focus to your more vital functions, and hair growth is not one of those. Prolonged periods of stress can result in your hair going into a rest phase as well as shedding more often.

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The foods you eat fuel all of your body’s functions. If your diet consists of lots of sugars and not much protein, there won’t be very much fuel to go around. This leaves your hair follicles without the nutrition they need to grow hair.

Additionally, nutrition complications can come from disrupted gut health even when you are eating well. Gut microbiome issues can be remedied by Nutrafol supplements.


As you move through the stages of life, your hormones adjust to match your biological needs. Puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are just a few examples of biological needs that will alter your hormones.

Some of these hormones can be counterproductive when it comes to hair growth. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) for example, can cause hair follicles to shrink and close. Hair follicle closure is incredibly detrimental to overall hair thickness.

Medical Condition

Instances of extreme hair loss can be a result of a medical condition. If you lose a significant amount of hair or hair from all over your body, it may be an indication of an underlying condition.

What Can Be Done About Hair Loss?

Understanding the causes of hair loss is the first step in addressing it. However, in many situations it can be very challenging to identify an exact cause. Also, making changes to that factor isn’t always possible or quick.

For that reason, we supply a menu of hair restoration products and treatments to help you return your hair to its natural beauty.

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Nutrafol in Denver

Nutrafol is a topical supplement designed to treat hair thinning and mild hair loss. The supplement contains natural ingredients and nutrients selected to promote hair health.

Nutrafol is very invested in creating a science-backed product. They are responsible for identifying the multiple root causes for hair loss listed above. This whole-body approach informed the formulation of their supplement.

Nutrafol’s supplements come in a variety of formulations based on where you’re at in your life. Age and lifestyle based supplements allow the product to replenish deficiencies commonly caused by certain life events.

For example, women’s supplements are separated into 4 unique categories. One supplement is for women aged 18-44, another is for those who are postpartum, the next is for women on a plant based diet, and finally there is a supplement specifically crafted for women that are 45+ and menopausal.

Nutrafol as a company is heavily engaged in clinical trials and research to ensure the effectiveness of their supplements. They also prioritize safety and put their product through extra quality testing.

We recommend that those on Nutrafol supplements take them twice a day to achieve the best results. Keep in mind that it will take a minimum of 3 months before you begin to notice a difference. It takes time to solve issues starting from the root cause, but it is best in the long run.

Some people take Nutrafol supplements for about a year while others stay on them indefinitely. Every person and their needs are different. It is best to make this decision with the assistance of a medical professional.

If you are interested in Nutrafol in Denver, the Longevity Lab would be happy to help!

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Vitamin Injections

At the Longevity Lab, we believe preventative medicine is a powerful tool that could mitigate the need for costly reactive treatments. Our vitamin injections address foundational deficiencies using a precise blend of vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamin injections can treat metabolic health, weight management, mental clarity, energy levels, nutrient deficiencies, and skin and hair health. We offer Super MIC, NAD+, B-12 shots, Glutathione, CJC, and BioBoost. The staff at the Longevity Lab will discuss your health concerns and goals with you to decide which injection will best suit your needs.

Many of the vitamins and nutrients you need are not sufficiently included in the average diet. Additionally, sometimes even if you consume the correct amount of vitamins, your body doesn’t process and store it correctly. By injecting vitamins directly into the bloodstream, they become available to your body right away.

The boost a vitamin injection will provide can stimulate fat loss, a strengthened immune system, and increased energy on a daily basis. If these or any of the following symptoms are bothering you, it may be beneficial to meet with one of our specialists.

Common symptoms of nutritional deficiencies are:

  • Tiredness
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Muscle weakness
  • Dizziness

When you choose The Longevity Lab we begin with a complimentary phone consultation followed by lab work. Once we have your results, we will work with you to create a custom treatment plan.

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP hair restoration treats hair thinning, uneven hair, and hair loss. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. After drawing blood, we use your own plasma to make a custom-fit injection. This injection will help prevent hair loss and thicken your hair shafts.

It is so effective because PRP is incredibly potent. It is chock full of growth factors and reparative cells which reduce inflammation, heal injuries and improve overall health all throughout the body.

PRP hair restoration is a quick and easy treatment that requires zero downtime. The procedure does not call for anesthesia and takes less than an hour and a half. You can return your hair to its former glory without even taking a day off work.

The Longevity Lab is proud to offer PRP hair restoration. We have seen its effectiveness first hand. If you are interested in PRP hair restoration, you can contact us right away.

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If you have concerns outside of hair health, we can take care of those too. The Longevity Lab provides many treatments from Botox to semaglutide injections.

Your hair and overall health is important to us. Let’s work together to get you looking great, feeling good, and living as your best self. Your longevity transformation is waiting.

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