Dr. Jonathan Schoeff, MD, FACS
Co-Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Jonathan Schoeff, known as Dr. Jon to many of his clients, co-founded and serves as the Medical Director of The Longevity Lab. As a board-certified surgeon with a wealth of clinical experience, Dr. Jon has dedicated his career to caring for patients with challenging and often times debilitating spine conditions. His professional journey, coupled with his personal experience as a former college athlete, has given him a profound understanding of injury, recovery, and the quest for optimal health.



Dr. Jon knows first-hand the struggles of maintaining a strong, healthy body. His personal journey to health and wellness ignited a passion for longevity science. Through the process of relentless exploration, copious amounts of research, and a significant amount of self-experimentation including much trial and error, Dr. Jon became a leading expert in wellness and longevity science.

As a physician, his mission in co-founding The Longevity Lab was to erase the confusion and guesswork for those seeking a path to longevity. He wanted to create a space where the best in longevity science was not just available, but easily accessible to anyone sharing a similar interest or passion for longevity-not just a longer, but a healthier, more fulfilling life.

The Longevity Lab is the embodiment of a shared vision with his wife, Candace – a convergence of scientific knowledge and personal care to provide best-in-class solutions for all your wellness needs. With Dr. Jon’s guidance and expertise, clients can navigate their journey to health and longevity with confidence and clarity.