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HRT in Denver

You see that “Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40,” birthday card staring back at you from the dining room table. Or maybe it says, “60 is the new 30!,” or “Congrats on the Big 5 – 0!” Your family is not very good at softening the blow.

When it comes to aging, the only things more cliché than rhyming birthday cards are the irritating symptoms that make you feel less and less like yourself. You’re not sleeping as well, and even when you do, you don’t have much energy during the day. You feel down or irritable without understanding why. Your libido has gone down, and you can’t tell if it’s because of your mood or those couple of pounds you’ve put on.

If this sounds like you, there’s no need to accept these equally humiliating presents along with those birthday cards. If you want to get back your youthful vigor, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be the goldmine of your golden years.

At The Longevity Lab, we use HRT in Denver to optimize your hormone levels, restoring the “you” in youth.

What do hormones have to do with it?

As we age, our hormone levels start to decrease. A change in hormone levels signals a shift in the body’s priorities. The need for growth and reproduction capabilities takes a backseat to improving mental capabilities, such as comprehension skills, long-term memory, and judgment.

Unfortunately, when our bodies start decreasing the production of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, we can experience a sharp decrease in our physical and mental capabilities.

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At The Longevity Lab, we reject the idea that growing older means accepting the negative symptoms of age. As humans continue to live longer, it is just as essential that we are living better.

Aging does not have to mean a loss in mental or physical functions. HRT can be the difference between decline and aging gracefully, allowing you to take full advantage and enjoy all of what this new stage of your life has to offer.

Who is hormone therapy for?

Hormone therapy is for women and men who are experiencing negative symptoms often attributed to aging. For women, this often looks like post-menopausal issues, such as hot flashes, night sweats, discomfort during intercourse, and bone thinning (osteoporosis).

While it is not as widely discussed, hormone therapy is also used by men to treat a variety of symptoms caused by low testosterone levels. Problems caused by low testosterone levels include obesity, impaired cognition, changes in libido, and erectile dysfunction, as well as general frailty.

Hormone therapy is recommended for aging adults who wish to preserve or regain a strong level of physical and mental fitness. Maintaining healthy hormone levels can significantly improve longevity by keeping you active and sharp for years to come.

However, not all hormone therapies are created equal, and there are risks to consider when seeking treatment. Age, sex, health history, and the type of hormone therapy are all important aspects that must be considered prior to treatment.

At The Longevity Lab, our hormone experts can help you find what kind of treatment is right for you. If you are considering HRT in Denver, it is first important to know the difference between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and hormone optimization therapy (HOT).

Am I a Candidate?

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy interprets low hormone levels or a hormone imbalance as lost hormones that need to be replaced, such as after menopause. This method advocates for replacing these lost hormones to get your body back to its previous levels. These hormones are prescribed in particular doses, and your symptoms are monitored until you feel the appropriate relief and improved wellness, which determines that we’ve found the right hormone levels for your body.

The relationship between hormones and the rest of your body’s functions is complex. Without the proper hormones, you’ll feel a number of negative effects. By reintroducing these lost hormones back into your system with HRT in Denver, those uncomfortable symptoms can be reduced or even resolved.

Hormone Optimization Therapy

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Hormone optimization therapy (HOT) doesn’t focus on replacing the hormones you lack, but instead works to optimize your current hormone levels. Hormone optimization therapy is built on the understanding that everyone’s body is different, and that there’s quite a bit of complexity when it comes to your hormone health.

Unlike HRT in Denver, where we’re replacing hormones that your body is not producing enough of, HOT focuses on tweaking existing levels to create a better overall balance. Instead of resolving a deficiency, your body might simply need some minor adjustments in order to improve your overall well-being.

In both cases, we focus on finding the proper dosage to bring you the best results.

HRT and HOT at The Longevity Lab

At The Longevity Lab, our hormone therapy begins with a consultation and lab work to determine your current baseline hormone levels. Our longevity experts will ask you about any previous health problems you have experienced, as well as your family’s health history.

We will also ask you about your lifestyle, diet, exercise, and what specifically you would like hormone therapy to help with. If you have certain health problems in your history, hormone therapy could increase your risk for cardiovascular disease, blood clotting, breast cancer, or stroke. As experienced physicians, you can trust that our providers at The Longevity Lab will take all of these aspects into consideration when helping you plan your hormone treatment.

By focusing on the individual needs of each patient, we help you get the most out of your treatment. Once we have collected all of the necessary information and completed a comprehensive assessment of your hormone levels from the lab results, we create your personalized treatment plan.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Your personalized treatment plan may include:

  • Advice for avoiding hormone-disrupting chemicals
  • Changes to your lifestyle, such as a change in diet or exercise plan
  • The type and method of hormone treatment you prefer

At The Longevity Lab, our wellness health center for HRT in Denver, we give our patients a complimentary, thorough consultation. By taking our time getting to know you, we can more effectively tailor your treatment plan to your needs.

Methods of Hormone Treatment

Hormone treatment itself can be administered in several different ways. Your treatment plan is designed around the method that is right for you. At The Longevity Lab, we offer hormone treatment in 4 different forms:

  • Pellet
  • Injection
  • Tablet
  • Cream

We prefer to use the least invasive options to make your treatment more comfortable and to give you peace of mind.

Bioidentical Hormones

At The Longevity Lab, we also use a particular kind of hormone in our treatments. These are called bioidentical hormones; they most accurately mimic the hormones you produce naturally. Bioidentical hormones come from plants and are processed in a lab.

These hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. By using bioidentical hormones, hormone optimization therapy can give you more flexibility in your treatment plan and target certain hormone imbalances more effectively than conventional hormone therapy.

What to Expect

Perhaps the most important aspect of HRT with The Longevity Lab is the flexibility and customization. During your treatment, we will monitor how your body responds to the hormones and the other components of your treatment plan. We will schedule checkups with you to make sure you are making good progress and continuing to see your desired results. We can always adjust your treatment plan and dosage as needed.

At The Longevity Lab, we create a full 12-month plan for each of our patients, with a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions at our wellness health center for HRT in Denver. While you are on treatment, we will check in with you on a monthly basis to monitor your symptoms and offer support and guidance.

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns for the duration of your treatment. We may perform additional testing during your treatment to determine if we need to make any adjustments to your plan in order to optimize your wellness.

Start Hormone Therapy Us Today

If you’re experiencing symptoms related to low hormone levels, such as sexual dysfunction, moodiness, hot flashes, or low energy, hormone therapy can help you to return to a life of vigor and fulfillment. Age should be a marker of longevity, not decline. With hormone treatment at The Longevity Lab, your prime can still be ahead of you.

At our wellness health center for HRT in Denver, you get more than hormone treatment. Our hormone optimization treatment is an all-inclusive approach to helping you achieve longevity. That’s because instead of focusing on just the symptoms, we strive to treat the root cause of what is causing you pain or discomfort.

Our longevity experts don’t want to only provide temporary relief, but long-term solutions. Patient education is equally as important to us as the results we deliver. As experts in the field, we see it as our duty to educate our clients on the science of longevity and how to best optimize it for their needs.

If you are interested in hormone optimization therapy but are still not sure if it’s right for you, book a complimentary consultation with us. We can discuss your health goals and set you up with a customized treatment plan to achieve them.

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