Emsella for Orgasm Improvement in Lone Tree

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Consultation Required?
Number of Sessions
Minimum of 8
Duration of Results
6 months without maintenance

What It Treats

  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginal laxity and dryness

A Noninvasive Solution to Maximize Sexual Health

Wishing you could feel like the way you used to down there? Struggling with satisfaction in your sex life, or simply hoping to make the most of your sexual health? The Emsella chair at The Longevity Lab is your noninvasive, pain-free solution to improve orgasms and maximize your enjoyment.

Over the course of several treatments, you’ll start to feel the difference. We advise at least 8 sessions of Emsella for orgasm improvement in Lone Tree, but the secret for optimal sexual health? More sessions equals more benefit!

Benefits of Emsella for Orgasm Improvement

Functional Medicine

Emsella helps maintain long-term improvement by comprehensively strengthening your pelvic floor.

Sexual Health

Confidence and satisfaction in your sexual health are integral parts of your well-being. Enhancing your sexual health means enhancing your overall wellness!

How the Emsella Chair Works

The Emsella chair uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to contract all of the pelvic floor muscles. These contractions are equivalent to 11,000 Kegel exercises for incredible results. All you have to do for treatment is sit in the Emsella chair for approximately 30 minutes—no need to remove any clothing!

Your Transformation Process

Your health transformation at The Longevity Lab begins with a consultation with one of our expert providers. After completing lab work, we’ll get to know you, your symptoms, and your goals for wellness. Based on this consultation, we’ll create a customized wellness plan that includes Emsella for orgasm improvement in Lone Tree, among our other cutting-edge services.

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About the Longevity Lab

The Longevity Lab is a physician-directed wellness practice that integrates cutting-edge health solutions and aesthetic technology. With us, you’ll experience a global transformation plan based on your individual needs to achieve comprehensive, sustainable wellness. We help you succeed by fully understanding who you are, what you want to become, and how you want to experience your life to the fullest.

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