Hair Restoration in Lone Tree

Replenish Your Hair

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Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration

What It Treats

  • Hair thinning
  • Mild degree of hair loss

Grow Back Thicker, Longer Hair

Although hair loss is commonly thought to be a side effect of aging, this condition can strike at almost any age for a variety of reasons. If your hair begins to thin, don’t wait to get treatment—once the hair is completely lost, it’s nearly impossible to grow back.

At The Longevity Lab, we’ll work with you to create a personalized plan for your hair restoration in Lone Tree. Our treatments generally include hair supplements and serums to accommodate your hair loss concerns. In just a few weeks, you’ll start to see the effects of brightened, thickened, and lengthened hair.

Benefits of Hair Restoration


By addressing nutrient deficiencies with hair supplements, we can naturally treat your hair loss at its source, rather than just the symptoms.


Keeping your hair healthy and thick helps minimize the thinning commonly associated with aging.


At The Longevity Lab, we engineer a solution for hair restoration in Lone Tree made just for you, depending on your unique needs and goals.

The Science Behind Hair Preservation & Restoration

Our clinically studied supplements use natural ingredients to restore your hair and reduce levels of stress that may contribute to hair loss. Hair loss serums work similarly by adding ingredients directly to the scalp or stimulating the hair follicles. We usually require patients who undergo bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to use a hair preservation treatment to maintain their hair’s growth and shine.

Your Hair Restoration Process

Because there are many factors that can cause hair loss, you may want to discuss your symptoms and your concerns with one of our experienced providers. However, we also have hair loss products available for each of our clients to purchase whenever they would like. You can follow our treatment plan at home for your convenience in combination with our other treatments!

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About the Longevity Lab

The Longevity Lab is a physician-directed wellness practice that integrates cutting-edge health solutions and aesthetic technology. With us, you’ll experience a global transformation plan based on your individual needs to achieve comprehensive, sustainable wellness. We help you succeed by fully understanding who you are, what you want to become, and how you want to experience your life to the fullest.

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