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Lumen Metabolism Tracker in Lone Tree

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Am I a Candidate?
Consultation Required?
Number of Sessions
3 to 6 per year, depending on support needed
Duration of Results
Permanent lifestyle change
Nutrition Optimization
Nutrition Optimization
Nutrition Optimization
Nutrition Optimization
Nutrition Optimization
Nutrition Optimization

What It Treats

  • Weight loss and management
  • Nutrition deficiencies
  • Energy levels
  • Fitness performance
  • Increasing metabolism

Metabolic Tracking & Nutritional Counseling for Weight Loss

Metabolism is an essential process where your body converts calories from food into usable energy. Your body switches between burning carbohydrates or fat for fuel. By enhancing your metabolic health with proper nutrition, you can encourage your body to burn more fat.

But how can you know what’s best for improving your metabolic health? That’s why The Longevity Lab offers the Lumen metabolism tracker in Lone Tree in conjunction with our nutritional counseling. This innovative device allows you to measure your metabolism at home while making adjustments to your diet for weight loss success!

Benefits of Metabolic Tracking & Nutritional Counseling

Weight Loss

By understanding your metabolism and your diet plan, you’ll have complete guidance for your weight loss journey.

Energy Optimization

The Lumen metabolism tracker tells you what foods to eat so you have the right amount of fuel every day!


Getting the proper nutrients boosts your immune system, strengthens your bones and muscles, and prevents many kinds of diseases.

Functional Medicine

Optimal nutrition and metabolic health not only encourages your body to lose weight; it provides all sorts of long-term health benefits!

1: Consultation & Lab Work

Your transformation at The Longevity Lab begins with a complimentary phone consultation, where we get to know you, your concerns, and your goals. We’ll then perform lab work to get data on your individual needs and follow up with an in-person consultation to create your individualized treatment plan.

2: Weight Loss Program

Your weight loss plan will include nutritional counseling and the Lumen metabolism tracker in Lone Tree to accomplish your goals. You’ll follow a nutrition plan while using the Lumen device to gain insights into your metabolic health and needs.

3: Progress Check-Ins

We’ll meet with you periodically to check in about your progress. By implementing sustainable lifestyle changes, we’ll help you achieve your weight loss goals for lifelong wellness!

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About the Longevity Lab

The Longevity Lab is a physician-directed concierge practice that integrates cutting-edge health solutions and aesthetic technology. With us, you’ll experience a global transformation plan based on your individual needs to achieve comprehensive, sustainable wellness. We help you succeed by fully understanding who you are, what you want to become, and how you want to experience your life to the fullest.

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