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Understanding the Impetus Behind the Longevity Lab

The Longevity Lab is a wellness center in Lone Tree centered on anti-aging, aesthetic, and wellness solutions. Our mindset on longevity governs everything we do to provide our clients with the utmost quality of care. Longevity to us doesn’t just mean a long life; it’s a long, fulfilling life lived well with optimal health. We want to see each of our clients achieve longevity through treatments and technologies that enhance their well-being.

Why was The Longevity Lab created?

The Longevity Lab was born out of the personal journeys of its cofounders, Dr. Jonathan and Candace Schoeff. As a couple, their story has included love, life, loss, and the realization that the natural course of human life is to be rendered progressively more ineffective. They recognized very early on that the natural inertia of the aging process is to slowly decline.

Dr. Jon and Candace have spent years together exploring the science behind improved quality of life, chasing a goal of performing better tomorrow than they do today. Having young children and experiencing both professional and personal stressors led them down a path of exploration to ultimately improve their own longevity and to not just stop at a longer life, but to pursue a better life.

The Longevity Lab is a culmination of their own self-experimentation through trial and error, finally landing on what really works to enhance longevity—not just looking for a longer life, but a better life in every aspect. Their passion for the solutions they’ve found and personally experienced translates to the success of their clients and their wellness center in Lone Tree.

But the fundamental understanding that they must constantly seek more in order to achieve more is what sets The Longevity Lab apart. They understand that gaining a deeper understanding of longevity science and remaining at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies requires tremendous effort—something they are permanently committed to. Our clients benefit from Dr. Jon and Candace’s unwavering commitment to achieving longevity themselves!

Step 1: Online Consultation

If you’re interested in achieving longevity, your journey at The Longevity Lab begins with a 20-minute phone or virtual complimentary consultation. We’ll take this time to explain The Longevity Lab’s philosophy and structure, understand your primary treatment goals, and briefly discuss various treatments that may fit your needs.

After your consultation, the team collaborates behind the scenes to determine the best initial treatment path based on your goals and concerns.

Step 2: In-Person Consultation

Depending on your needs and your scope of treatment, we may ask for you to come into our wellness center in Lone Tree to obtain the necessary lab work. Then, we follow up with an in-person consultation for a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history and your lab results. Based on this information, we take this time to create your individualized treatment plan at The Longevity Lab.

For many treatment plans, we can provide immediate access to our desired services on the same day as your consultation. We encourage our clients to commit to a 12-month membership with us for a cost-effective treatment program that addresses all aspects of wellness.

Step 3: Treatment Plan

Whether you’re interested in aesthetics, a specific treatment goal, or your global transformation, we’ll strategize your treatment to best accomplish the outcome you’re looking for. For optimal wellness, we generally follow a 12-month treatment plan to help you achieve longevity, but single treatments are also available a la carte for you to access.

But the results of our treatment are not restricted to 12 months; we want them to last for a lifetime thanks to the sustainable and healthy changes you’ve made during your partnership with us.

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