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Fairytales teach us to be wary and specific in our wishes. In The Little Mermaid, Ariel wishes to lose her tail and be human instead, but it comes at the cost of her voice. When we want something really badly, it is easy to forget the negative consequences and the things we stand to lose. 

Wanting to lose weight often ends up being an all-too-similar story. Some treatments help you lose weight fast, but then you find that, although you’re lighter on the scale, the fat hasn’t budged at all. Or you do lose that fat, but now you’re left with sagging skin in the most uncomfortable areas. 

It’s always good to be wary when the genie grants your wishes, especially when that genie is being handsomely compensated for his efforts. 

At The Longevity Lab, it’s not magic wishes that grant life-changing transformations, it’s science and hard work. If you’re willing to put in the effort, we can make your weight loss everything you dreamed and more. 

Our Approach to Medical Weight Loss in Denver

Weight loss is not just one thing. At The Longevity Lab, we treat weight loss in all the categories that idea encompasses: fat loss, building muscle mass, gut health, physical health, a contoured body, and tight, healthy skin. 

Our medical weight loss program is custom-built for each of our clients to help them reach their unique, personal goals. You will lose weight, but you will gain so much more. Longevity Lab has a wealth of treatment options to select from. We will work together to determine which combination of treatments will best suit your goals.

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We prioritize a comprehensive perspective of your health as well as a detail-oriented understanding of your aesthetics desires. Metabolic health is a cornerstone of our practice, we view weight loss as a piece of a larger system. The staff here cares about your wellness journey. It is our main purpose to have you leave our clinic feeling better than when you arrived.

Our approach to weight loss is specific and holistic. In this article, we have outlined the three tiers of our process, from preparing for your weight loss journey to achieving the body of your dreams. This is how we transform our clients’ lives through weight loss. 

Step 1: Optimizing Your Body for Weight Loss

Before we even start on targeting weight loss treatments, we always recommend treatments to optimize your body for weight loss. A significant change like weight loss can be hard on your body, and losing any amount of weight is already difficult enough. Here at The Longevity Lab, we like to set you up for success. 

Hormone Optimization

One of the best ways to prepare your body for medical weight loss in Denver is to optimize your hormones. There’s one obvious reason for this. Most medical weight loss treatments work in a hormonal capacity. The weight loss injections we offer—semaglutide and tirzepatide—influence the hormones in your gut to help decrease appetite. We’ll get to more on that later. 

Optimizing your hormone levels with bio-identical hormone therapy can increase your body’s responsiveness to medical weight loss and make the transition off of medical weight loss treatments much more successful. But that’s not all it can do. 

Bio-identical hormone therapy has significant health benefits in its own right. Age does a lot of damage to our hormone levels. At middle-age, we experience a sharp decrease in hormone levels. This is known as menopause in women and andropause in men

Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—the hormones responsible for sexual function—decrease at this time. The decrease in these hormone levels causes more than sexual dysfunction. Low hormone levels can cause mood changes, loss of muscle mass, low energy, and can make you more vulnerable to disease. 

Balancing and optimizing your hormone levels before starting weight loss can make your weight loss efforts much more successful and help you achieve global health. 

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Step 2: Losing Weight

Shedding Weight With Weight Loss Injections

Sometime or another, you do have to get down to the business of actually losing weight. But when you are taking care of all the other aspects of your body’s health with our comprehensive program, weight loss itself is quite simple.

We offer two kinds of weight loss injections: semaglutide and tirzepatide. These weight loss injections work as appetite suppressants. They mimic GLP-1 hormones in the small intestine. The main responsibility of these hormones is to control blood sugar levels by encouraging the production of insulin and limiting the production of glucagon. 

Semaglutide and tirzepatide improve the function of these hormones and send appetite messages to the brain, communicating a more constant feeling of fullness. Weight loss injections help our clients regulate their eating habits, leading to significant weight loss. 

Keeping Your Body Healthy With the Proper Nutrition

In the process of weight loss, limiting your caloric intake should never mean limiting your nutrition profile. After all, weight loss is not simply about reduction, it is about obtaining optimal full-body health and retraining your body to maintain this health. 

This is why nutrition is not just a supplement to our program for medical weight loss in Denver, but an integral part. In addition to our gut health counseling, we also provide nutritional supplements and vitamin injections

Nutritional Supplements 

A great solution to limiting your calories while maximizing nutrition is to take supplements. Even with a full, healthy diet, it is easy to miss out on essential vitamins. Our nutritional supplements at The Longevity Lab are convenient and completely customizable. 

When you start nutritional supplements with us, we begin with comprehensive lab work to get a full picture of your current vitamin intake. When we get your results, we will look for the gaps in your nutritional profile and get you set up with the proper supplements to round out your diet. 

Young woman making a nutritious meal to support medical weight loss
Vitamin Injections

Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals is certainly excellent for your health; however, just because you are consuming vitamins does not mean you are actually absorbing them. 

When you take vitamins orally, either in the form of food or in tablet form, your body is only able to absorb a percentage of their nutritional value. The percentage your body absorbs is dependent on the type of vitamin and can be as high as 90% or as low as 10%. 

Tracking Your Progress, Building Your Personal Plan

The lab work we do before starting any of our treatments can tell us a lot about what is going on inside your body that is making it difficult for you to lose weight. This helps us build a treatment plan that is specific to you. But that’s just the beginning of your weight loss journey. To track your progress and make informed adjustments along the way, we use the Lumen Metabolism Tracker

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker uses a breathalyzer-type mouthpiece to measure your daily CO2 levels. With this simple measurement, the Lumen device is able to gather a wealth of data about your metabolic health. By analyzing this data, Lumen is able to make specific suggestions about what you should eat, how you should exercise, how much sleep you need to get, and a myriad of other factors that are unique to you and your body. 

3. Restore Your Figure Post-Weight Loss

Once you have achieved your ideal weight, you might think you are done with medical weight loss in Denver. But something people don’t often expect when starting a weight loss journey is how it can impact skin health and muscle mass. 

When you lose a lot of weight (and especially when you lose that weight quickly), your skin can have a difficult time keeping up. Sagging skin is common after weight loss. And that weight you lost? Sure, a lot of it is fat, but it’s often muscle mass too. 

To trim your figure and regain muscle mass, there is no better treatment than Emsculpt NEO. This body contouring device uses electromagnetic energy to induce muscle contractions. Emsculpt NEO induces 20,000 muscle contractions in a 30-minute treatment session, increasing organic muscle mass by an average of 25%

Emsculpt NEO combines this treatment with radiofrequency technology, which breaks down remaining fat cells. This helps reduce any pockets of fat that remain after general weight loss. Emsculpt NEO can reduce fat by an average of 30%. 

Emsculpt NEO to support medical weight loss skin laxity

Begin Medical Weight Loss Today at The Longevity Lab

You don’t have to keep daydreaming and wishing—with our medical weight loss program, you can take action. For all of our clients who are interested in medical weight loss in Denver, we start with a consultation. During your consultation, we will ask you about your medical history and discuss any previous treatments, diets, or exercise plans you have tried in the past. 

To help us fully understand your body’s unique relationship to weight gain, we will complete some lab work before creating your custom weight loss plan. Schedule a consultation with us today to see how we can help you lose weight and transform your metabolic health. 

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